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The #1 reason people have trouble with the Paleo Diet is that they don’t drink enough.

Sustain lemon drink is made with pure lemon crystals, green tea, and sweetened with stevia leaf so it won’t spike your insulin levels and make you hungry.  Nothing artificial and loaded with powerful antioxidants, Sustain is totally legal on the Paleo plan.  The best way to drop pounds is to drink a lot of water.  Drink Sustain twice daily by simply adding one scoop to your 20 oz blender bottle and fill with water and ice. Shake and enjoy!  

sixty 20 ounce servings per bottle – that’s two a day for 30 days!

Only 13 calories per 20 oz serving!


  • Additional protein and fat can put an extra burden on your kidneys causing them to work harder to flush out the additional waste products.  The solution to this is to drink a lot of water but plain water can be boring. Sustain is a refreshing lemon drink sweetened with natural stevia (a legal paleo product).  We freeze dry our lemon juice and add green tea leaf powder which is loaded with the powerful antioxidant EGCG.  Drinking Sustain throughout the day provides a steady energy boost without spiking your insulin levels.