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Ravenous cravings for sugar, potato chips and french fries?  SUPPRESS is a powerful anti craving formula to help you not surrender to your cravings.  It’s good for you too!

Suppress is made with pure high quality L Glutamine, a natural amino acid.  L Glutamine minimizes muscle breakdown and improves protein metabolism but the anti craving part is because L Glutamine stabilizes blood sugar, suppresses insulin production and boosts metabolism.

SUPPRESS is a flavorless powder which can be added to water or our lemon SUSTAIN between meals.



    We can’t say enough about the importance of L-Glutamine supplementation while on Paleo.  Our L-Glutamine is a high quality tasteless powder.  Simply add one scoop to Sustain lemon drink once or twice a day.

    Here’s what you’ll notice happening –

    L-Glutamine eliminates sugar cravings, stabilizes blood sugar, suppresses insulin production, improves brain function, boosts metabolism, produces great sleep, eliminates bloating and constipation, and reduces systemic inflammation including stiff and sore muscles.


    Double your paleo results!