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SHED is our exclusive product specially formulated to eliminate virtually all side effects of the Paleo diet and lifestyle and provide energy. Our powerful combination of natural ingredients are so effective that some of our clients have been using SHED for over 5 years!  It’s extremely effective in eliminating constipation and toxins, providing a sense of fullness and appetite control, boosting energy and mental clarity.  Take 12 supplements daily to have extreme results!

SHED will double your paleo results because it will keep you satiated and motivated!


  • So what is it about our proprietary SHED formula that makes it so effective for increasing energy, eliminating cravings and boosting weight loss while on Paleo? 

     We have combined the five most important amino acids, fiber, calcium and high doses of amino acids in this award winning supplement.  

    Acetyl L Carnitine – metabolizes fat

    L Tyrosine – provides energy and suppresses appetite

    Apple Cider Vinegar – eliminates toxins that have built up in your system

    Glucomannan – a natural fiber from the African Konjak root that promotes fullness and regularity

    Coral Calcium – helps eliminates heavy metals in the body

    Yerba Mate – eliminates fatigue and acts as a natural diuretic