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10,000 years ago, our Paleolithic ancestors lived very different lives than we do today. Instead of a diet based on processed grains & sugar, they thrived on a diet of fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts and wild game.

The caveman diet has become popular in the last few years because researchers have been studying the way your body responds to a diet like this.  They found that after just a few weeks on a Paleo style diet, blood pressure drops, cholesterol drops, body-fat drops, blood sugar normalizes, energy levels increase

The Paleo diet is the quickest route to permanent weight loss when combined with our Paleo Plus Kits. Our Paleo kits have everything that you need in order to be successful on the Paleo Diet.

Here’s the real question though, what can you eat while on the Paleo Diet? We have an in depth guide and a recipe book that comes with all of our kits, but here’s a simplified list :

Eat: Meats, fish and all seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils (coconut, olive, flaxseed, avocado, walnut, macadamia)

Don’t Eat: Grains, legumes, dairy, processed or packaged foods, sugar, potatoes, and refined vegetable oils


Whether you decide to do 30 days, 60 days or 90 days on the Paleo Diet, your first 3 weeks should look the same. Transitioning to the Paleo lifestyle is challenging, side effects of the Paleo Diet can be brutal during the detox phase, common symptoms include: Headaches, brain fog, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, irritability, ravenously hungry, constipation, gas and bloating.

Our Paleo Plus Kits are specifically formulated to combat and remove the Paleo side effects. Our kits keep you energized, hydrated, boost your metabolism and ultimately make the Paleo Diet so much easier. Our kits come with a shopping guide on what to buy when at the grocery store and everything else that you need to get started. So scroll down to get started and Transform Your Life!

Check Out Our Paleo Kits



SHED is specially formulated to eliminate virtually all side effects of the Paleo diet and provide energy. It’s extremely effective in providing a sense of fullness and appetite control, boosting energy and mental clarity.  SHED will double your paleo results because it will keep you satiated and motivated!



Paleo antioxidant lemon drink blend, drink hot as a morning pick me up or as a refreshing lemonade. Only 13 calories per 20 oz serving! 60 20 oz servings per bottle



Ravenous cravings for sugar, potato chips and french fries? SUPPRESS is a powerful anti craving formula to help you not surrender to your cravings. It’s good for you too! SUPPRESS is a flavorless powder which can be added to water or our lemon SUSTAIN between meals.



Our basic Paleo kit, comes with everything you need for 30 days of the Paleo Diet about 25 pounds of weight loss, included is: a “How To” guide on the Paleo diet, a shopping list to keep with you while at the supermarket, 30 days supply of our SHED supplements, SUPPRESS powder and SUSTAIN drink, and if you order before October 1st we’ll include a Blender Bottle with inserts for your SHED supplements and Sustain lemonade drink! Order now and transform your life! More Info…

This kit is excellent for 60 days or about 50 pounds of weight loss, it comes with everything you need: a 60 day’s supply of our SHED supplements, SUPPRESS powder and our SUSTAIN drink, a Blender Bottle with inserts for your SHED supplements and SUSTAIN lemonade drink, a Paleo shopping list and a “How To” guide on the Paleo Diet. Order now and transform your life today! More info…

The ultimate Paleo kit, perfect for 90 days of Paleo or about 70 pounds of weight loss, or 60 days on Paleo and 30 days transitioning back to your regular diet, while still suppressing your appetite. This kit comes with 90 day’s worth of our SHED supplements, SUPPRESS powder and our SUSTAIN drink, a Blender Bottle with inserts for your SHED supplements and SUSTAIN lemonade drink, a shopping list for the Paleo diet and a “How To” guide on the Paleo Diet. Order now, transform your life! More info…


Jeff S.

“When I started the Paleo diet I weighed 230 lbs and my asthma was out of control. Within 30 days I had lost 31 lbs and felt like a new man. I went on to lose another 14 pounds. I just had a physical, for my life insurance policy, and my resting heart rate was down to 64. And my blood pressure was 102/67! I only need half the asthma medication that I used to need, and my energy is boundless! Today I weigh 184 lbs. I am 53 years old and I feel better than I did in my twenties. I could not have done this without Transformologies and their Paleo Kit.”

Christine Y.

After reading about the Paleo Diet I was worried about how hungry I would be, I looked for a solution and the only one I could find after an hour of google was Transformologies, I am naturally skeptical but I saw that they had a 30 day guarantee, I thought what the heck, and I ordered the Bronze Age kit. I am two weeks in and I am happily surprised to find that so far I have lost 12 pounds! I have all of the energy that I have lacked on other diets and I don’t feel like I am starving myself at all. I love the Sustain drink and have drank 4 water bottles full a day since I started.

Aaron P.

I have tried the Paleo Diet, 2 times prior to this last one, one the first try I made it a week before I was craving sweets so much that I failed. The second time I lasted 3 days until a coworker’s birthday cake made me cave. I decided to try Transformologies’ Stone Age Kit, It was a little hard to take all 12 pills a day, but after 4 days I got used to it. This time I ended up lasting all 30 days! I lost 27 pounds and have just reordered and am planning on 60 more days of Paleo! I have never felt so great in my life!


Eating out on the Paleo Diet

Too often, many paleo-dieters are left isolated in the comfort of their own kitchen in an effort to stay away from the not so healthy foods found in restaurants. This can leave many people with a heav…



Is the Paleo Diet hard?

Our research suggests after about three days of taking our Shed supplements, drinking plenty of water or Sustain along with rigorously following the Paleo Diet, the Paleo Diet gets significantly easier as your appetite is suppressed and you start to feel healthy!

What can I eat on the Paleo Diet?

In our kits we provide a shopping list of items that you can buy, but here is a quick summary: You can eat meats, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts, seeds and healthy oils (coconut, olive, flaxseed, avocado, walnut, macadamia) 

When can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see results within the first 3 days of starting the Paleo Diet! The best ways to measure results are the scale and how you feel!

How much weight will I lose?

Customers have reported losing up to 30 pounds in their first round of the Paleo Diet using our Paleo Plus Kit!

How do I maintain my weight loss?

We suggest using our Shed supplements, our Sustain drink and our Suppress powder to help fight cravings for at least two months after the Paleo Diet in order to maintain your excellent results!

I'm already at a healthy weight, will Paleo and your Paleo Diet Kit help me as well?

Paleo is seen as a lifestyle choice and a way to maintain healthy eating by many people, our kits will help you feel satisfied on the Paleo lifestyle, help keep you hydrated and keep your appetite in check